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7 Reasons to GiveBIG to ISB

Today is May 5, which many people associate with Cinco de Mayo revelry. But for ISB, today is GiveBIG, Seattle Foundation’s day of community giving. When you give to ISB today, Seattle Foundation will match a percentage of your gift. You can go directly to ISB’s page and follow the links. Remember, to give BEFORE MIDNIGHT today, May 5.

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But in case you need a little more background, here are 7 reasons to give to ISB.

1. We are the “mother ship” when it comes to systems biology. We were founded by Dr. Lee Hood who has been the most vocal, high-profile, globetrotting ambassador for the practice of systems biology. Need a little systems biology 101? You can read about these concepts: ISB’s Innovation Engine, Network of Networks, and On Being Interdisciplinary.

2. We develop new technologies all the time that help researchers around the world do their jobs better and more efficiently. Read about the world’s most powerful tool for reconstructing gene networks, or how we’re creating better road maps for researching tuberculosis, or how we’re trying to develop better cancer diagnostic tools such as this method for ultrasound biopsies.

3. We equalize K-12 science education. It is unusual for a research organization to have an education program as well-developed and effective as ISB. Our Logan Center for Education and Systems Education Experiences teams have made a tremendous impact in bringing high quality professional development for science educators at the K-12 and community college levels. Read about some of our recent education wins.

4. The women of ISB rock. Period. Read about our leading oceanographers or watch this interview with one of our software engineers.

5. We don’t shy away from BHAGs – big hairy audacious goals – like the 100K Wellness Project or the Wilke Lyme Disease Project or tackling dozens of cancers or understanding bipolar disease.

6. We are leaders in proteomics – the study of how proteins function in, well, everything, such as: good cholesterol, healthy skin, aggressive tumors, and the tuberculosis pathogen.

7. The ‘Minds of ISB’ are singular. Need some inspiration, peruse these quotes from researchers who are featured in our Minds of ISB project.


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