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Merck, ISB, Swedish Collaborate in COVID-19 Research Trial


In a one-of-a-kind study, Merck, ISB and Swedish Medical Center, along with several other research collaborators, have partnered to identify targets for medicines and vaccines for COVID-19.

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Keep Kids Learning!


ISB Education is continually working to identify effective resources to support student learning. In response to the coronavirus outbreak and the closure of K-12 schools across the nation, we recognize that many schools and families are looking for resources to meet the needs of students.

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Future of Health


In 2020, ISB is celebrating its 20th anniversary by partnering with Town Hall Seattle to put on a four-part speaker series highlighting some of the most important topics in science and health care.

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Help us realize a new
vision of health


We are a nonprofit scientific research organization dedicated to shifting the health care model from treating sickness to fostering wellness.

You are committed to a better future, ISB is here to make that a reality.

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