STEM Education Resources

ISB Education is continually working to identify effective resources to support student learning. In response to the coronavirus outbreak and the 2020 closure of K-12 schools across the nation, we recognized that many schools and families are looking for resources to meet the needs of students.

To support you in these efforts, ISB is one of many organizations offering STEM learning resources for free. You have arrived at our resources landing page.


I Notice… I Wonder…

Students of any age can engage in conversations about the phenomena in their world. Pick any phenomenon or “thing” about the natural or designed world, such as daffodils blooming before tulips, the inner workings of a computer, or the way water flows through a local park. What do you notice about that phenomenon? What do you wonder?

Then dive in deeper with questions. (For example, “What causes the patterns you observe?” or “What kinds of energy are involved in this system?” ) Questions like these can help you explore the cross-cutting concepts of science. When you reach a new understanding, consider showcasing your learning by creating an art piece. Or present your learning to a family member or friend via phone.

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STEM Professionals


Workplaces Taking Action


Career-connected Curriculum

A suite of career-connected videos, one-page profiles and curricular resources.

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Explore Systems Thinking

Explore systems and systems thinking with our new “Systems Are Everywhere” module — intentionally designed for remote learning!

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Learn Computational
Modeling at Home

Use our series of online computational modeling activities that allow high school students to move at their own pace through the process of building models to explore phenomena. 

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The Central Dogma Game

Pop quiz: What’s the difference between DNA, RNA and proteins? ISB researchers have created a video game that teaches secondary students (grades 6-12) the key tenets of molecular biology in a fun, interactive and engaging way, and can be used by teachers as a supplemental aide to assist with complex lessons.

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Practicing Practices

Modern classrooms are shifting toward students developing skills and practices that help them learn, live, work, and engage in their communities. Time spent at home can focus on developing these skills as well. We have put together a diagram that demonstrates the types of practices that today’s students learn across several disciplines.

open diagram

Both students and those supporting their learning can ask the following questions: Which practices do you use the most? When or how do you use them? Which practices are you most confident in? Which practices would you like to improve? When or how could you work on improving in these areas?

Make and Play a STEAM Game

“Microbia! The Microbiome Board Game” was designed by STEAM Ambassadors Dhruvi Joshi and Kristen Santarin with the goal of teaching in a fun and thoughtful manner the consequences of our choices to the health of our microbiomes.

Download Instructions

After reading the instructions, return here to download and print the board game and playing cards.

STEM Teaching Tools

There are many opportunities to engage in safe, meaningful science learning in your home and neighborhood. Science teachers, district science coordinators, and other science educators are working to provide guidance and resources to support families at this time.

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The Wonder of Science

Do you want to dive deeper into exploring the cross-cutting concepts or the practices? The graphic organizers here will help you think through your ideas and demonstrate your thinking for others. The phenomena here might spark your thinking about new things to explore.

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Ambassador Picks

Our high school student ambassadors have long been advocates of learning science anywhere and everywhere.
They have created and curated lists of activities that will keep your students engaged and learning.


Foldit – Protein Puzzle Games

Complete protein folding puzzles to contribute to real scientific research. This game includes puzzles involving the Sars-CoV-2 proteins!
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Pendulum Painting

Kids learn about the forces of motion and gravity with a new painting technique by exchanging the paint brush for a swinging pendulum.
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Olympic Flame in a Bottle

The 2020 Summer Games are postponed, but your kids’ learning isn’t. Children will have fun placing flame-colored food coloring in a bottle and watching it fall.
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Kids can learn about surface tension by experiementing with various materials to determine what makes the best bubbles.
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Green Roof

The Roof is Growing

This online exploration shows how green roofs support the environment, and includes videos, pictures, printable workbooks, and in-person activities.
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NOAA Coral

Investigate Coral Bleaching

Kids learn about coral bleaching in this online activity that uses a series of interactive web maps, apps, videos, high-resolution images, and real data from NOAA.
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Green Education Foundation

Digital resources for children of all ages. Activites relate to concepts such as composting, indoor gardening, and crop life cycles.
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Earth Science Simulations

The PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive math and science simulations.
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heart model

Functioning Heart Model

This hands-on project allows students to examine how blood flows. Kids can make it even more personal with their own heart rate.
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Grow Sugar Cyrstals

Kids can create their own colorful sugar crystals at home to learn about supersaturated solutions and molecular bonding patterns.
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DIY Stethoscope

DIY Stethoscope

Kids can learn how stethoscopes work, make their own from household materials, and then hear their heart beat.
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Egg Drop Challenge

Egg Drop Challenge

Kids learn about physics by engineering a structure to prevent an egg from cracking when it is dropped.
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