Internship Programs

Pre-College and Undergraduate Students

ISB currently hosts two established internship programs for students:


One of the key objectives of ISB involves transferring knowledge gained through research to the community for the benefit of society. A second objective is to inspire, prepare and diversify the next generation of systems biology researchers. The Systems Education Experiences (SEE) program meets and surpasses these objectives through a variety of internship and ambassador programs. Each January, these opportunities are posted on the ISB careers webpage, enabling students to participate in cutting-edge research and education-related projects.


Our Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences Program offers undergraduates with a diversity of backgrounds, career goals and experiences a paid opportunity to experience research side by side with experts in systems biology. The application opens in December and closes in February., Students who have an interest in biology, chemistry, computer science, information science, applied mathematics, and/or engineering should apply to participate in cutting-edge research and education-related projects.


ISB fields year-round requests for internships or other research experiences in which students and/or educators have identified a funding source. These requests are vetted based on the interest and experience of the potential intern as well as the availability of appropriate ISB mentors.

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Graduate Students

We accept graduate students through our faculty affiliations with a variety of University of Washington programs. Please visit the Grad Students page to learn more.