Nitin S. Baliga, MSc, PhD

Baliga Lab

The Baliga group develops models of biological systems, from single cells to communities of multiple organisms, that accurately predict adaptation to environmental changes.

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Sean Gibbons, PhD

Gibbons Lab

The Gibbons Lab employs empirical and computational approaches to study how and why complex adaptive systems such as the mammalian gut microbiome reorder themselves in response to environmental change.

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Jennifer Hadlock

Hadlock Lab

The Hadlock Lab conducts translational research to improve risk models for clinical decision support and investigates novel methods to accelerate research discovery.

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Jim Heath

Heath Lab

The Heath Lab works on challenging problems in translating precision medicine from benchtop to bedside, with a focus on oncology.

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Health Data Science Lab

The Health Data Science team, directed by Dr. Andrew Magis, develops approaches to better understand and prevent these complex diseases by collecting, analyzing, and translating multi-omic data into actionable clinical insights for physicians and patients.

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Lee Hood

Hood-Price Lab

The Hood-Price Lab is integrating biology, technology and computational science to enable a predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory (P4) approach to medicine.

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Sui Huang

Huang Lab

The Huang Lab is interested in the fundamental principles that govern how the gene regulatory network orchestrate the activities of the genes to produce the variety of stable cellular states, such as the known cell types of the body, which in turn undergo state transitions, such as the differentiation of a multi-potent stem cell to a specialized blood cell.

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Alice Kane, PhD

Kane Lab

The Kane Lab is interested in identifying biological determinants of frailty in order to understand more about the molecular underpinnings of frailty and aging, to develop predictive biomarkers of frailty, and to identify targets to delay or prevent frailty.

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Anna Kuchina

Kuchina Lab

The Kuchina Lab develops and applies single-cell genomic and imaging approaches for understanding the behavior of bacterial communities such as biofilms and microbiota at the level of an individual organism.

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Robert Moritz

Moritz Lab

The Moritz Lab develops and applies quantitative protein chemistry and proteomic techniques to study such diseases as atherosclerosis, inflammation and colorectal cancer.

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Jeff Ranish

Ranish Lab

The Ranish Lab uses the comprehensive and high-throughput methods of systems biology to study the composition and architecture of large molecular complexes.

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Ilya Shmulevich

Shmulevich Lab

The Shmulevich Lab develops and applies computational and mathematical approaches for modeling biological systems and analyzing large-scale data sets.

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Naeha Subramanian

Subramanian Lab

The Subramanian Lab seeks to extend investigations into innate immunity and NLR function using a combination of imaging, microarray, proteomic and bioinformatics approaches.

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Sid Venkatesh

Venkatesh Lab

The Venkatesh Lab’s long-term goals are to define general principles of molecular recognition in the gut and to elucidate mechanisms by which microbial metabolites impact human physiology and health.

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Wei Wei

Wei Lab

The Wei Lab works in the highly cross-disciplinary field of BioMEMS, molecular and cellular analysis, and systems biomedicine.

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