• Covid-19


    ISB researchers, along with the global scientific community at large, immediately focused their attention on the COVID-19 pandemic and the virus that causes the disease – SARS-CoV-2. ISB President Dr. Jim Heath and scientists across labs and disciplines at ISB have worked to uncover the secrets behind COVID-19.

  • Healthy Aging

    Research suggests that it may be possible to eliminate the correlation between age and diseases. ISB is working to leverage systems biology approaches to understand the mechanistic links among the processes that accompany and/or lead to aging.

  • A microbial community-scale metabolic model of an individual’s gut generated by MICOM data and Gephi.


    Understanding of the human microbiome has grown exponentially over the past decade. ISB researchers are unlocking the mysteries of the human microbiome and translating our scientific knowledge into therapies for a number of complex diseases.

  • t cell


    Cancer research poses many interconnected complexities related to early detection, stratification and treatment. The cross-disciplinary holistic, integrative nature of systems biology makes ISB researchers well suited to tackle the complexity of these diseases. 

  • Science Transforming Health - Brain Image

    Brain Health

    ISB, along with a collaborative network of partners, is pioneering a multimodal approach that combines personal data, lifestyle factors, cognitive training and systems medicine — and is rigorously testing these new approaches in clinical trials. This approach is critical to prevent, slow, and even reverse many neurological conditions before they become irreversible.

  • Scientific Wellness

    Scientific Wellness embodies P4 medicine (predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory), and is being applied to help individuals improve their health. The platform provides new approaches for drug target discovery, and is driving profound economic, policy and social change.

  • Pregnancy Health

    By using a systems approach to pregnancy health, ISB is gaining a more comprehensive understanding of pathological changes that occur in pregnancy, which will identify women most at risk of developing pregnancy complications.

  • Environment

    Achieving environmental sustainability is one of civilization’s historic challenges. ISB uses systems science to improve the understanding of the interactions of microbes and ecosystems and create a new generation of sustainable tools and strategies that can be deployed to address this challenge.