Systems Medicine Education

What is Systems Medicine?

Systems medicine uses genetics, a breadth of personalized data, and tailored health coaching to proactively optimize wellness and minimize disease.

How can we integrate science and technology to optimize current health and future wellness for individuals and communities?


To democratize the systems medicine approach, we need to:

  • Empower individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in managing their own health, and to advocate for the well-being of their communities
  • Prepare a new generation of collaborative and interdisciplinary STEM and healthcare professionals for the novel demands of the systems medicine framework


We are developing a Systems Medicine Education curriculum for high school students to:

  • Learn the principles and practices of systems medicine
  • Engage in cutting edge science
  • Build and deepen their interdisciplinary skills
  • Explore STEM and healthcare careers focused on biology, engineering, computer science, environmental sustainability, biomedicine, big data, and technology


Students will be introduced to systems medicine through:

  • Case studies focused on various factors impacting health (lifestyle and behavior, the environment, genetics, the microbiome, social networks, and access to healthcare) and their relevant disease outcomes (cancer, diabetes, stress)
  • Role-playing STEM & healthcare professionals to experience the multidisciplinary approach of systems medicine
  • Exploration of analytic tools and biological data sets to create predictive and actionable models for wellness and disease
  • Investigation of a local community health issue



In Progress

  • Develop and optimize four connected curriculum modules and web resources

  • Broad dissemination through teacher training workshops

Initial funding provided by Douglas Howe, The Dean Witter Foundation, Dee Dickinson, and other major donors.

To share with others, please download the 1-page Systems Medicine Education information sheet.

For information on how you can be a part of this exciting education initiative, please contact Systems Education Experiences (SEE) at and view this page for more information.