We all have students and teachers in our lives that are navigating the daily challenges of learning amid a pandemic. ISB Education knows how crucial STEM education is — not just today, but every day. Our team quickly innovated forward into the virtual space by:

  • Creating virtual workshops to prepare 500+ teachers for new learning realities
  • Mentoring 50 high school and undergrad interns when other programs canceled
  • Reaching thousands of parents who visited our online resource page

Our communities, schools and students need us. And we need you.
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ISB Education is continually working to identify effective resources to support student learning. In response to the coronavirus outbreak and the closure of K-12 schools across the nation, we recognize that many schools and families are looking for resources to meet the needs of students. To support you in these efforts, ISB is one of many organizations offering STEM learning resources for free.
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Quality STEM Education For All

A focal point of ISB is making STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education a reality for every student regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic status.

We work with students, teachers, principals, and other district leaders — every part of the education system — and we involve STEM professionals to provide support and inspiration for each of those stakeholders to learn, live, work and engage in an increasingly STEM-centric society.


    Experiential learning opportunities

    More than 2.3 million students have used ISB’s instructional materials through 46,000 teachers in all 50 states and in more than 100 countries. These instructional materials are housed within seven complete curriculum modules. We are currently working on four additional modules.


    Investing our time

    ISB’s education team leverages the experience of the STEM professionals with whom we share a workspace. Annually, ISB employees volunteer their support to education: One-third of ISB employees voluntarily participate in education and outreach, which equates to more than 400 hours of time and expertise.


    Inspiring teachers to inspire students          

    Each year, we serve 30 school districts by way of  400 days of professional development in support of 50 district and school leaders  and  1,000+ educators who teach an estimated 77,000 students.


Students are the core of the STEM education system and they need robust opportunities to nurture their interests, develop their aspirations, and build their knowledge and skills.

We encourage students to learn more about systems biology in particular, and STEM practices in the workplace in general, by engaging in real world experiences in our facilities. We host a variety of experiences for classes and individual K-12, undergraduate and graduate students.

Internship Programs

ISB internships offer faculty mentoring of high school, undergraduate and graduate students throughout the year.
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ISB Courses

ISB offers several advanced systems sciences courses tailored to scientists and researchers.
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As quality teaching has the greatest impact on student learning, many of our education efforts focus on the teacher as a critical element of the system.

ISB’s Systems Education Experience (SEE) program is a scientist-student-educator partnership that provides experiential learning through hands-on curriculum, teacher training and student internships. SEE works toward translating interdisciplinary research practices into experiences, including cutting-edge, hands-on curriculum and internships/externships. They provide professional development to teachers, training them to use and develop STEM curriculum modules for high school classrooms.
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ISB’s Logan Center for Education provides professional development steeped in the research base for teaching and learning, contemporary science, engineering and mathematics. Logan Center for Education partners with school districts to work with teams of teachers, K-12, through our professional development programs, which are founded in learning research, contemporary science and engineering, and, importantly, offered within the context of a given school system.
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School Leadership

Our systems approach to education drives us to incorporate professional learning experiences for the leaders in our education systems, including principals, district science specialists, and teacher leaders.

ISB’s The Logan Center for Education works with districts to customize professional development and coaching experiences for leaders that positively impact science teaching and learning.


STEM Professionals

Our decades of experience working with educators have demonstrated that STEM professionals can be pivotal touchstones for all elements of the STEM education system. Students and educators alike are inspired by their stories and appreciate opportunities to deepen their understanding of STEM knowledge and practices. We support and train STEM professionals to engage with the education system in a variety of settings: educator professional development, curricular resource development, classrooms, and internships. If you have questions, please email Jennifer Eklund.


ISB has a commitment to the transfer of knowledge through purposeful education and outreach. We encourage students and educators to learn more about systems biology in particular, and STEM practices in the workplace in general, by engaging in real world experiences at in our facilities. We host experiences for a continuum of students and educators from K12, to undergraduate and graduate students.

Tours, Job Shadow, and Informational Interviews

As schedules and space allows, we welcome student and educator groups to tour ISB facilities, as well as opportunities for job shadows or informational interviews with our scientists and administrators.

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