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Not just any results, but team achievements that make a measurable difference in other people's lives. Clients value Kathy's ability to get significant, positive outcomes through her dynamic and creative approach to the management of complex projects and partnerships. Kathy consults on a wide variety of interesting assignments. In 1998, Kathy became a partner at Cedar River Group and formed Scanlan Consulting where she has worked with government agencies and nonprofits to facilitate change and help find lasting solutions to what often seemed to be intractable problems. Kathy's consulting assignments have included working closely with the Washington State Legislature on ferry and transportation issues; strategic and business planning for museums, park facilities, and global health/discovery science initiatives; feasibility studies of renewable energy projects; and assisting Washington State cities and counties. For 10 years Kathy was involved in international sports, beginning as Executive Vice-President of the 1990 Seattle Goodwill Games Organizing Committee and ending as President of USA Gymnastics where she helped lead the U.S. to its first women’s gymnastics team gold medal at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Prior to that, Kathy worked for the City of Seattle in finance and parks and her tenure included executive level positions at Seattle Center and Woodland Park Zoo." 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  • Jim Heath

    James R. Heath, PhD

    President & Professor
  • Lee Hood

    Leroy Hood, MD, PhD

    Co-founder, Professor and Chief Strategy Officer, ISB; Emeritus Science Advisor, Providence
  • Kathy Scanlan

    Kathy Scanlan

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Nitin S. Baliga, MSc, PhD

    Nitin S. Baliga, MSc, PhD

    Senior Vice President, Director and Professor