We are catalyzing the future of health through science.


Transform health with an emphasis on scientifically-defined wellness for individuals

Transform biomedical innovation through rapid concept to clinic back to concept translation

Be the innovator of systems approaches to effective STEM education in the Pacific Northwest and beyond

We Value:

A rigorous, scientific, systems approach to problem solving

Intellectual freedom and the pursuit of transformative ideas from inside and out

The uniqueness of individuals

Health equity

A diverse and healthy ISB community and ISB work environment

Strategic partnerships

Being accountable to those who support our work

Knowledge transfer through entrepreneurship

Equitable scientific training, education and outreach

Welcoming constructive criticism and better ideas


Develop research clinics and partnerships to advance systems and P4 medicine

Develop wellness, as informed by science, into a fundamental  health care pillar

Bring a systems approach to STEM education to all learners

Serve as a powerful stepping stone for top postdoc and grad researchers

Serve as a thriving and enriching environment for the professional development of ISB staff

Achieve sustainable finances to maintain a healthy staff and state-of-the-art facilities

Achieve broader recognition as a transformative force in fundamental and translational science