Innovator Awardees and Projects


Lead Investigator: Samantha Piekos, Research Scientist (Hood-Price Lab)
ISB Collaborators: Qi Wei (Hadlock Lab), Chunmei Liu (Wei Lab), Michael Strasser (Huang Lab)
External Collaborators: Ya Lin (Amber) Chen (University of Washington), Tanya Sorenson (Swedish Medical Group)
Project Title: Evaluation of the impact of wildfire smoke exposure on preterm birth

Lead Investigator: Hanjun Cheng, Research Scientist (Wei Lab)
ISB Collaborators: Guangrong Qin (Shmulevich Lab), Hui-Yu Chuang (Wei Lab)
Project Title: Engineering a biorthogonal Tn5 transposase for joint profiling of transcription factor bindings, gene expressions, and functional proteins in single cells

Lead Investigator: Cory Funk, Senior Research Scientist (Hood-Price Lab)
ISB Collaborators: Arian Smit, Chris Lausted, Gwênlyn Glusman (Hood-Price Lab), Eric Deutsch, Tami Leppert, Zhi Sun (Moritz Lab)
Project Title: Understanding the contribution of endogenous retroviruses in senescence and Alzheimer’s disease


Lead Investigator: Becky Howsmon, Program Manager, Systems Education Experiences (Baliga Lab)
ISB Collaborators: Miranda Johnson (Baliga Lab), Sevda Molani(Hadlock Lab), Chris Lausted (Hood-Price Lab), and Annie Levine (Gibbons Lab)
Project Title: Demystifying Machine Learning for the High School Classroom

Lead Investigator: Christian Diener, Research Scientist (Gibbons Lab)
ISB Collaborators: Sevda Molani (Hadlock Lab), Qi Wei (Hadlock Lab), Noa Rappaport (Hood-Price Lab), Tomasz Wilmanski (Hood-Price Lab), Karl Gaisser (Kuchina Lab), and Evan Pepper (Baliga Lab)
External Collaborator: Johanna Lampe, Research Professor, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Project Title: A Clinical and Experimental Exploration of Gut Microbiome-Statin Interactions

Lead Investigator: Miranda Johnson, Systems Thinkers in STEM Coordinator, Systems Education Experiences (Baliga Lab)
ISB Collaborators: Eliza Peterson (Baliga Lab) , Mόnica Orellana (Baliga Lab), Gabriela Verdezoto Mosquera (Subramanian Lab), Ulrike Kusebauch (Moritz Lab), Sevda Molani (Hadlock Lab), Yeon Mi Hwang (Hadlock Lab), Becky Howsmon (Baliga Lab), Claudia Ludwig (Baliga Lab), and Charu Midha (Moritz Lab)
Project Title: Advancing the Next Generation of Leaders in Science


Lead Investigator: Yue Lu, Postdoctoral Fellow (Heath Lab)
ISB research team and collaborators: Christopher Lausted (Hood-Price Lab), Kai Wang (Hood-Price Lab)
Project Title: Multiparameter profiling of exosomes from body fluids to detect and determine site of infection.

Lead Investigator: Yin Tang, Postdoctoral Fellow (Wei Lab)
ISB research team and collaborators: Guangrong Qin (Shmulevich Lab), David L. Gibbs (Shmulevich Lab)
External collaborators: Raymond S. Yeung, University of Washington
Project Title: Joint spatial molecular and metabolic function profiling in single tissue section at single cell sensitivity

Lead Investigator: Bahar Tercan, Postdoctoral Fellow (Shmulevich Lab)
ISB research team and collaborators: Cory Funk (Hood-Price Lab), Boris Aguilar (Shmulevich Lab), Max Robinson (Hood-Price Lab)
Project Title: Discerning the combinatorial regulatory circuitry of microglial differentiation in Alzheimer’s disease using probabilistic Boolean networks


Lead Investigator: Cheng Dai
ISB Collaborators: Brett Smith, Ryan Roper, Jewel Lee, Alison Paquette
Project Title: Incorporating health-related social needs and social determinants into electronic health records to promote population health

Lead Investigator: Jen Eklund
ISB Collaborators: Becky Howsmon, Dave Gibbs, Noa Rappaport, Rachel Calder
Project Title: Exploring Stability and Change in Education Data

Lead Investigator: Jie Luo
ISB Collaborators: Marlee Ng, Jacob Bassett
Project Title: Development of 3’dCDP-DAG prodrug for antiviral treatment


Lead Investigator: Jacob Valenzuela (Baliga Group)
ISB Collaborators: Becky Howsmon, Wei-ju Wu, Nyasha Chambwe, and Jen Eklund
Project Title: Central Dogma–The development of an interactive gaming pipeline that teaches critical STEM concepts directly to the classroom

Lead investigator: Shiqun Shao  (Wei Group)
ISB Collaborators: Dan Yuan and Chunmei Liu
Project Title: Development of A Massively Parallel Single-cell ChIP-Seq Technology

Lead Investigator: Shizhen Qin (Hood-Price Group)
ISB Collaborators: Christian Diener, Sushmita Patwardhan, Yong Zhou, Li Tang, Gustavo Glusman, and John Earls
Project Title: Integrating genetics, blood proteomics and the gut microbiome to understand transitions from high to lower weights


Lead investigator: Matt Idso (Heath Group)
Collaborators: Mario Arrieta-Ortiz (Baliga Group), Ajay Akhade (Subramanian Group)
Project title: Peptide-based immunotherapeutics to combat drug-resistant bacteria

Lead investigator: John Earls (Hood-Price Group)
Collaborators: Theo Knijnenburg (Shmulevich Group), Michael Strasser (Huang Group)
Project Title: High-throughput Artificial Neural Net Architecture for Health using pD3 clouds

Lead investigator: Yapeng Su (Heath Group)
Collaborators: Joseph Zhou (Huang Group), Theo Knijnenburg (Shmulevich Group), John Earls (Hood-Price Group), Alphonsus Ng (Heath Group), Priyanka Baloni (Hood-Price Group)
Project Title: Model driven discovery of central ligand-receptor pairs that maintain the drug resistance of a tumor cell ecosystem community

Lead investigator: Adrian Lopez Garcia De Lomana (Baliga Group)
Collaborators: Martin Shelton (Hood-Price Group), Chris Lausted (Hood-Price Group), Jessica Day (Baliga Group)
Project Title: One day of HIV infection one cell at a time


Lead investigator: Chris Lausted (Hood-Price Group)
Collaborators: Neda Jabbari (Hood-Price Group), Changting Meng (Hood-Price Group), Vesteinn Thorsson (Shmulevich Group)
Project title: Sequence of the COLO320 double minute chromosome and its effect on gene expression

Lead investigator: Eliza Peterson (Baliga Group)
Collaborators: Eliza Peterson (Baliga Group), Mark Gillespie (Ranish Group), Fred Mast (Aitchison Group)
Project title:  High-Throughput Analysis of Regulatory Interactions in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Lead investigator: Joseph Zhou (Huang Group)
Collaborators: Irit Ruben (Huang Group), Chris Lausted (Hood-Price Group), Theo Knijnenberg (Shmulevich Group)
Project title: A Novel Technique to Monitor Single-Cell Transcriptome over Time Using Barcoding