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Consilience Program: ISB Co-Hosts Kickoff Event with Cornish

ISB President Dr. Lee Hood raises a toast to ISB's Consilience Program during an event at artist Ginny Ruffner's home.

Oct. 2, 2015 –The Consilience Program at Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) was launched in an effort to bring together science, arts and humanities to engage a wider public around ISB’s mission, systems biology approach, and core values.

David Bolinsky at SLU Artwalk Event at ISB.

David Bolinsky at SLU Artwalk Event at ISB.

This week, we welcomed renowned medical illustrator David Bolinsky to ISB to speak about his work. Bolinsky is the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of e.mersion studio, LLC. He has had a groundbreaking career in digital animation spanning more than 30 years. He is well known for his hallmark work “Inner Life of the Cell.” He met with several faculty, attended a dinner hosted by artist Ginny Ruffner (view photo gallery), and gave a talk during the SLU Artwalk on his trajectory from becoming a traditional medical illustrator to pioneering the world’s first digital animation studio focused solely on medical illustration and animation. He discussed projects from his 30+ year career, sharing his decision-making around complex problems of scientific communication in the process of creating engaging and informative works.

At a private dinner prior to the SLU Artwalk event, Dr. Lee Hood raised a toast (photo above) to mark the beginning a collaboration between ISB and Cornish College of the Arts for the Consilience Program. Faculty from ISB and Cornish gathered at artist Ginny Ruffner’s home to welcome Bolinsky.

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