Timm J. Prokop

Senior Research Engineer

Moritz Lab

Timm J Prokop

Timm Prokop joined the Moritz Lab in 2020 to provide exclusive on-site and strategic LCMS instrument support for the Moritz Proteomics Lab. An experienced Service Applications Engineer with over 20 years of experience demonstrated history in mass spectrometry, Timm now focuses on proteomics-specific Nano/Micro workflow applications and multi-platform instrument support. Providing the Institute with immediate and dedicated technical and hardware support, his troubleshooting and expertise spans across many hybrid mass spectrometry and liquid-chromatography systems.

Mass Spectrometry, Nanospray Microflow/Nanoflow LC workflows, HPLC/uHPLC
(TripleQuadrupole, Linear IonTrap/Qtrap, Hybrid Q-TOF, Orbitrap/Tribrid, Ion-mobility/DMS/FAIMS/timsTOF, MALDI-TOF/TOF systems)

University of the Pacific, Stockton CA
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.),  Graduate with Honors РSumma Cum Laude