Kengo Watanabe, PhD

K. Carole Ellison Fellow in Bioinformatics

Hood-Price Lab

Kengo Watanabe is a molecular and systems biologist in the Hood–Price lab at the Institute for Systems Biology. He earned his PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Tokyo in 2015. His PhD work focused on cellular stress response, especially cellular osmotic stress-sensing mechanism, from the perspective of biochemistry and molecular cell biology. After deepening the experimental studies as a project assistant professor at the University of Tokyo, he joined the Hood-Price lab in late 2019 to extend his research fields and abilities: from cells to individuals, from molecules to systems, and from hypothesis-driven to data-driven. With leveraging his unique scientific background, he currently studies obesity and aging/longevity using multiomic data.

Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biochemistry, Molecular Cell Biology, Systems Biology, Computational Biology

PhD in pharmaceutical sciences, the University of Tokyo, 2015