Caroline Kiehle

Director of Education

Logan Center for Education


Caroline Kiehle’s pathway has been creating a bridge between science research and science education. Her research science experience was studying Drosophila development and working with graduate students, post docs and PIs to publish several papers on regeneration. She learned the nature of scientific research as a way of knowing and this education element became her passion.

Caroline shifted to be a science and math teacher to have a greater impact, and created projects so all her students could experience the wow of being a jr. scientist, by wondering, experimenting and discovering. While teaching in the 1990’s, Caroline was recognized as Washington State Science Teacher of the Year, a regional finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, Kirkland Rotary Teacher of the Year, and earned a fellowship for a master degree at the UW College of Education.

To build a research-education bridge for others, Caroline teamed up with Dr. Bruce Alberts at UCSF/NAS and then with Dr. Lee Hood and Valerie Logan at UW to co-found what is now called ISB Logan Center for Education. With the Logan Center team she builds partnerships with school district leaders, education leaders, and scientist partners the Puget Sound region. In 2010 they were honored with the Golden Apple award for this work.

M.Ed. University of Washington, Ford Fellows Science and Mathematics Project

WA State Teaching Certificate: biology, general science, and mathematics

B.A. University of Washington, zoology and mathematics