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ISB in Antarctica: Wild Kingdom

Today was a wildlife smorgasbord. We saw three Emperor penguins, a molting Adelie penguin (they don’t go swimming when they’re molting), snow petrels, and a pod of seven Orca whales. Fossils of penguins indicate they used to be six feet tall! (All photos are by Rob Dunbar.)

Adelie Penguins

ISB in Antarctica: Penguin Sighting

By Allison Lee PENGUINS! At 5 a.m., the lone Emperor was spotted. The penguin team quickly assembled and set off in the Zodiak. They were able to tag their first Emperor penguin of the cruise. The transmitter is attached to the feathers on the wing and sends a signal every 40 seconds. If a satellite picks up the signal, the penguin’s location and diving behavior (depth, speed, duration, etc.) is…

ISB in Antarctica: Photos from the Ice Breaker

                  Allison Lee, an ISB research associate who’s on board the RVIB Nathaniel Palmer for a research cruise in the Ross Sea in Antarctica, has sent these images from her first few days on the research cruise. Each scientist on board the ice breaker is allotted just 15MB of data per day, which limits how many photos she can share. But these…