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Spotlight: Ivan Esmeral

Ivan Esmeral, one of ISB’s 2016 summer high school interns in the Baliga Lab, was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania under its early decision program. He plans on pursuing a dual degree in systems science and engineering at the Engineering School and economics at the Wharton School.

Ivan had this to say about his time at ISB: “ISB took a chance on me (for which) I could never repay and I am forever grateful. While the time I spent in the lab over the summer went by quickly, the network and friendships that I created are ones that no doubt will extend beyond the end date. As I go to the East Coast for undergrad and enter a science and engineering field paired with economics, I will always keep ISB very close to me as it provided a platform for me to confirm my love for interdisciplinary learning and using collaboration to complete any task. I have no doubt that my learning at Penn will share many of the same foundations as the trinity of ISB that I became so familiar with. I cannot thank ISB enough for the opportunity to intern. Dr. Baliga said to never let people determine what you can and cannot accomplish and to simply work hard when pursuing any endeavor. I hope to take this advice beyond high school and continue to make ISB proud.”

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As part of Ivan’s work at ISB, he and a fellow intern produced a short documentary about their experiences in the program:


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