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Ruth West Presents at ISB

When: Thursday, October 20, 12-1 pm
Where: Institute for Systems Biology, Main Floor Auditorium, 401 Terry Ave North
What: Ruth West will present her pioneering research practice at the intersections of art, science and media.

This event is made possible through the Consilience program at ISB and is free and open to the public. Ruth West is in Seattle to exhibit her work ATLAS in silico as part of the upcoming art exhibition and performance series 9evenings2.

ATLAS in silico is a physically interactive and immersive virtual reality art+science installation. It offers visitors a dream-like and aesthetic experience of the pioneering science of metagenomics and recent discoveries from the Global Ocean Sampling Expedition. The project creates new forms of art‚ new technologies for working with vast data‚ and presents science in a way that is accessible‚ playful‚ and meaningful for people of all ages.

Ruth West is a veteran creative catalyst. Working with emerging technologies she is pioneering cross-resonance‚ a new approach in research and creative work that builds resonant connections between art and science. Her work envisions a future in which art-science integration opens new portals of imagination‚ creative expression‚ invention‚ knowledge‚ and communication across cultures to create solutions for our most pressing global problems. She is developing the concept and practice of DataRemix a reappropriation and recombination practice blending digital remix culture and big data to create novel associations and experiences. Bridging high-dimensional data and metadata‚ information visualization and sonificaiton‚immersive environments‚ and social and mobile participatory media with domains such as urban ecology‚ neuroscience‚genomics‚ astronomy‚ fiber arts and digital remix culture‚ she explores avenues for achieving works with multiple entry points that can exist concurrently as aesthetic experiences‚ artistic practice or cultural interventions and serve as the basis for artistically-impelled scientific inquiry and tools. Receiving both grant and industry sponsorship her work and has been presented or featured in SIGGRAPH‚ ACM / Eurographics Expressive‚WIRED Magazine’s NextFest‚ PEROT Museum of Nature and Science‚ UCLA Fowler Museum‚ CAA‚ Ingenuity Festival Cleveland‚ Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery‚ FILE 09 Sao Paulo‚ IEEE VR‚ Mobisys‚ IS&T SPIE‚ IEEE ICIP‚ the American Journal of Human Genetics‚ Genomics‚ Leonardo‚ LEA‚Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences‚ NPR’s The Connection‚ NY Times‚ Genome News Network‚ AMINIMA and Artweek.

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