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Public Event: David Bolinsky Presents at ISB on October 1

Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) and Cornish College of the Arts host David Bolinsky, accomplished medical illustrator and animator, to give a public presentation and screening at ISB for the October South Lake Union Art Walk.

David Bolinsky is the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of e.mersion studio, LLC. Bolinksy has a groundbreaking career in digital animation spanning over 30 years. He is well known for his hallmark work “Inner Life of the Cell” which will be screened the evening of October 1 at ISB, accompanied by a presentation and Q&A. Bolinsky is passionate about bringing the power of interactive animation to science education. His visit marks the start of a partnership between ISB and Cornish to advance cross-disciplinary communication between the Arts + Sciences via ISB’s Consilience Program.

Bolinsky is currently partnered with the new Frank H. Netter School of Medicine to create a series of innovative interactive apps for medical students, and is a grant partner/recipient (with Smart Sparrow and the University of Arizona) of a significant Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Education Grant to create enhanced interactive online science courses for community colleges.

Event Details:

What: Screening of “Inner Life of the Cell” followed by presentation and Q&A with David Bolinsky
Date: Thursday, Oct 1
Time: 6:30-8pm
Location: Institute for Systems Biology, Main Floor
Address: 401 Terry Ave N, Seattle WA 98109

Questions? Contact: Allison Kudla

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