Wei Wei, PhD

Andy Hill CARE Distinguished Researcher & Assistant Professor

Wei Wei

Dr. Wei Wei is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Systems Biology. He also has the positions of Affiliated Assistant Professor at the UCLA Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology and member of the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. He received his B.S. in Fundamental Sciences (Mathematics and Physics) at Tsinghua University (Beijing) and M.S. in Materials Sciences and Engineering at UC San Diego. He obtained his Ph.D. at California Institute of Technology in 2014 with cross-disciplinary training that included both physical and biological sciences. Before joining ISB, Wei was an Assistant Professor at UCLA until mid-2018.

Wei received the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Student Abroad in 2013. In 2014, he was the sole recipient of the Milton and Francis Clauser Doctoral Prize – the highest honor for a Caltech Ph.D. He received the Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment Distinguished Researchers award in 2019. Currently, he is the co-director of the NCI-funded ISB/UCLA Physical Sciences in Oncology Program (PS-OP), and a Project Lead in NCI-funded NSB Cancer Center.

Wei’s research interests reside in a highly cross-disciplinary field of BioMEMS, molecular and cellular analysis, and systems biomedicine. Wei’s group is developing and deploying a unique suite of single-cell tools and computational approaches to cultivate new understanding in cancer systems biology and address significant questions in translational cancer research.

Single-cell analysis, BioMEMS, cancer molecular diagnosis, cancer epigenetic plasticity, multivariate data analysis

2014           Ph.D. in Materials Sciences, California Institute of Technology

2008           M.S. in Materials Sciences and Engineering, UC San Diego

2005           B.S. in Fundamental Sciences (Mathematics and Physics), Tsinghua University

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