Vésteinn Thorsson, PhD

Principal Scientist

Shmulevich Lab

Vesteinn Thorsson

Dr. Thorsson’s research encompasses mathematical modeling, gene regulatory networks, bioinformatics and data integration, cancer genomics and immunooncology. Dr. Thorsson worked on systems modeling of gene regulatory networks in model systems (yeast and halobacterium), and on molecular networks responsible for the activation of murine macrophages. More recently, as part of the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Research Network, Dr. Thorsson’s focus has been on human cancer genomics, contributing to the TCGA studies of gastrointestinal tumors – colorectal cancer, gastric cancer and esophageal cancer, serving as Data and Analysis Coordinator, and playing a key role in determining molecular subtypes. Dr. Thorsson also served as a co-chair of a working group dedicated to comprehensive analysis of all TCGA gastrointestinal tumor samples, and on another dedicated to characterizing immune response in the more than 10,000 TCGA tumor samples. Dr. Thorsson plays a lead role in the iAtlas portal for immunoncology and in the data coordinating center of the NCI Human Tumor Atlas Network.

Computational Biology, Immunooncology

PhD, Physics, Stony Brook University, 1992

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