Suzanne Paquette

Senior Software Engineer

Shmulevich Lab

Suzanne Paquette

Suzanne Paquette is a senior software engineer in the Shmulevich Laboratory at ISB. She originally intended to study plant molecular evolution, obtaining an undergraduate degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona in 1998, and published a handful of articles on this topic. The rise of computers in bioscience prompted a shift in the focus of her career, and in 2005 she earned a second degree, this time in Computing and Software Systems from the University of Washington. She spent several years spent as a general IT manager at a biomedical journal, and worked in a genomics lab at the University of Washington on the NHLBI GO Exome Sequencing Project. In 2012 she joined Bill Longabaugh and Kalle Leinonen in the Shmulevich Lab to work on a web application version of ‘BioTapestry’, an open source program for visualizing gene regulatory networks, and transitioned to the ISB’s Cancer Genomics Cloud group, ISB-CGC, in 2015.

BS Molecular and Cellular Biology, Univ. of Arizona (1998); BS Computing and Software Systems, Univ. of Washington (2005)

Cloud Engineering; Scientific Software; Web Application Development; Data Visualization