Sergey Kornilov, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Health Data Science Lab

Sergey Kornilov

Dr. Kornilov’s research is focused on the application of biostatistics and machine learning to elucidate the polygenic architecture and multi-omic signatures of common disease states and complex human traits, while leveraging the power of publicly available Big Datasets (i.e., UK BioBank). His early research focused on the identification of molecular genetic and neurophysiological bases of neurodevelopment disorders, and has resulted in the identification of SETBP1 as a novel candidate gene for language disorders. After completing his post-doctoral fellowship in neuropsychiatric genetics at Yale University School of Medicine, Dr. Kornilov worked as an Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics at University of Houston and as a Statistical Geneticist at Arivale, Inc.

PhD, Experimental Psychology from University of Connecticut

PhD, Educational Psychology from Moscow State University

Biostatistics, polygenic modeling, genetic association studies, psychometrics, network analysis, neuroimaging