Chris Lausted

Senior Research Engineer

Hood-Price Lab

Chris Lausted

Characterizing the binding properties of biomolecular interactions is critical to Systems Biology. We are using an SPR imaging system based on Plexera Bioscience’s Kx ArrayTM technology to develop antibody arrays for serum screening and DNA arrays to study transcription factor binding.

Christopher Lausted is a senior research engineer with interests in bioinstrumentation and automation. At the University of Maryland he developed instruments for measuring human respiratory function and motor control, receiving his M.S. in bioengineering in 1998. He joined University of Washington’s Department of Molecular Biotechnology in 1999 to begin work on cutting-edge DNA microarray technologies, and continued on to the newly created ISB in 2001. He has designed and constructed several novel protein/DNA array instruments including an inkjet synthesizer, a waveguide scanner, and a surface-plasmon resonance (SPR) imager.

Lumera Corporation of Bothell, WA Selected Publications

Instrumentation and Microarray technology

M.S., Bioengineering, University of Maryland

“People here have a unique understanding of the importance of science, technology, and education towards improving human health.” – Chris