Eric Deutsch, PhD

Principal Scientist

Moritz Lab

Eric Deutsch

Dr. Deutsch’s research activities include software development for the analysis and integration of data for systems biology research. He is the lead designer for the Systems Biology Experiment Analysis Management System (SBEAMS). He contributes the development of minimum information standards, data formats, and databases for proteomics as chair of the HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI). Dr. Deutsch is the leader of the Trans-Proteomic Pipelineproject, which aims to provide a free and open-source suite of tools for the processing and analysis of proteomics tandem mass spectrometry data. He also heads the PeptideAtlas Project, which aims to collect proteomics mass spectrometry data from labs around the world to synthesize a master list of observed peptides and proteins and disseminate the results back to the community.

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