Computational Biology

Many projects at ISB, from cancers to rare genetic diseases, entail the development of computational and mathematical approaches for modeling biological systems and analyzing large-scale measurement data sets.

Featured Projects

  • Genome fingerprinting

    Ultrafast Comparison of Personal Genomes

    Genome sequences contain information with immense possibilities for research and personalized medical care, but their size, complexity and diversity make comparing sequences error-prone and slow. ISB researchers have created a method for summarizing a personal genome as a “fingerprint.”

  • Progress & Opportunities for Metabolic Reconstruction

    In this study, we looked for evidence of such convergence through comparative analysis of 12 genome-scale yeast models.

  • Prostate Cancer Study Identifies Numerous Subtypes of the Disease

    Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men worldwide. The clinical behavior of prostate cancer is variable with some men exhibiting indolent prostate cancer which can be monitored over time while other men develop aggressive prostate cancer which can lead to metastasis and death.

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