Together With Our Partners We Make Profound Breakthroughs In Human Health & Environmental Sustainability



Building a structure and culture that allows systems biology to flourish within our partner’s organization — Over the past two decades, systems biology has evolved from a radical idea to a widely accepted way of doing revolutionary science. Because of that, we have been asked by organizations around the world to help them develop the systems, infrastructure and culture necessary to implement a systems biology approach to their R&D work.


Accelerating breakthroughs in our partner’s research and development by leveraging the systems biology approach pioneered by ISB — We have developed a number of successful partnerships with organizations seeking to accelerate the progress of their scientific exploration. Not because they are failing, but because they are so committed to success. These partnerships are built upon the rigorous “what if…” and “why not…” challenges that are at the center of ISB’s approach to science.

Accelerating breakthroughs in ISB’s research and development, by leveraging a new capability or technology a partner has developed — Our confident humility is predicated on the understanding that we simply cannot be the sole source of great thinking, great technology or new areas of exploration — even when it is critical to furthering the science that is the focal point of ISB’s work. Effective systems biology requires collaboration with partners that can augment our technology, our skills or our understanding.


Scaling breakthroughs in the lab to the point of commercial viability — We have successfully collaborated with private-sector companies — in most cases by first creating those companies and securing venture funding — to develop some of our most significant discoveries into commercially viable products and services.


Leading a coalition engaged in macro-scale research and development in human health — We have the history, talent and methodology to assure revolutionary changes in human health. The journey will be full of exciting new developments, and fraught with judgment as we challenge today’s conventions and norms. We are always seeking the kinds of partners that are up to the challenge of pushing the edge of the envelope of macro-level change.


Our Collective History Has Set The Stage To Make History

We have pioneered the emergence of systems biology as a field — developing new strategies and applying them to fundamental problems in biology, the environment and medicine. We have developed powerful new technologies and a vast array of analytical tools for life and environmental sciences. We have applied systems thinking to the study of disease and catalyzed the development of a systems approach to medicine that has already reached a tipping point and is changing the practice of health care. But everything we’ve done up to this point has merely set the stage for profound breakthroughs in human health.

With strong partnerships formed around a systems biology approach, we literally have the chance to become the leading experts in the function and behavior of every organ in the human body. We are now poised to track the progression of human life in all its stages. To map how diseases are created and how they progress. To define new markers to detect them early, prevent their occurrence or diminish their effect.

Putting our partnerships not on the fringe, but at the very epicenter of creating a new future for human health.

Since our founding, ISB has created spinoff companies including: Macrogenics, Cytopeia, Nanostring, Accelator Corporation, and Indi Molecular.