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Innovation Game Changer: Lee Hood

Dr. Lee Hood appeared in a video series produced by World Free From Cancer and Value of Innovation about five "game changers" who will help make this a cancer-free world.  

Lee Hood at World Stem Cell Summit

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News offered some highlights from the World Stem Cell Summit, where ISB president, Dr. Lee Hood, gave today's keynote talk: “In 5 to 10 years, you will have your genomes as part of your medical records,” Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D., Institute for Systems Biology, told attendees of the World Stem Cell Summit 2013 today, in San Diego. “Third-generation sequencing will be revolutionary,” he said in his…

The Future of Healthcare is Personalized

Dr. Lee Hood, founder and president of Institute for Systems Biology, appeared on the news in New Zealand after giving a talk the previous night at the University of Auckland. Click on the image below to watch the video.

Valerie Logan Luncheon Raises $50K for Science Education Programs at ISB

The Second Annual Valerie Logan Luncheon, which took place on Nov. 13, raised just over $50,000 (UPDATE: As of Dec. 18, 2013, the total funds raised has reached more than $60,000) for our education programs at Institute for Systems Biology. Guest speaker Julia Joo, who spent her summer as a high school intern here at ISB, shared with us the educational journey that led her to choose science as a…

ISB, Lee Hood on

John Nosta, a contributor to, posted this piece today and included a mention of a collaboration between Indi and ISB on a diagnostic that may help identify benign lung nodules. From Diagnosis to Treatment, Has Lung Cancer Begun To Turn The Corner? This study suggests the tremendous power of using systems biology and bioinformatics to better understand health and disease,” said Lee Hood, M.D., Ph.D., co-author of the study; co-founder…

Lee Hood’s 75th Birthday Party Photo Gallery

Dr. Lee Hood's 75th birthday party took place at ISB on Oct. 10. Here's the photo gallery. As part of the presentations, Dr. Nitin Baliga (ISB's Director and SVP) shared a fun video he made using footage he shot during the faculty retreat. Exactly how many PhDs does it take to find a Prius battery? Watch and find out:

Lee’s 75th Birthday and his Influence Network

Oct. 10, 2013 Today, ISB’s president and co-founder, Dr. Lee Hood, celebrates his 75th birthday. To honor this occasion we have invited individuals with a professional connection to Lee Hood to answer some questions in a survey we called “Lee Hood’s Influence Network.” In doing so, we were able to collect information on the myriad associations that Lee has formed over the decades of his illustrious career. The survey contained…

Lee Hood Co-Founds New Spinout

PRESS RELEASE Indi Molecular Launches with $1.5 Million Seed Round Led by InterWest Partners SEATTLE and CULVER CITY, CA, September 20, 2013 – Indi Molecular, which pioneered a synthetic replacement for antibodies, today announced that it has raised a $1.5 million seed round led by InterWest Partners and joined by several angel investors. The funds will be used to further develop PCC (protein catalyzed capture) agent technology: a breakthrough process…

Awards: ‘Seven over 70’ Best Innovators

Dr. Lee Hood, ISB’s president, was named one of Seven Over 70 best innovators in MIT Technology Review Magazine. The list recognizes leaders for their lifelong achievements in innovation. Here’s an excerpt from the story: ” ‘The physician and biologist Leroy Hood helped create the fields of genomics and proteomics by inventing the protein sequencer, the protein synthesizer, the DNA synthesizer, and, most important of all, the automated DNA sequencer. He later…

ISB’s 2012 Annual Report is Now Online

ISB's annual report is now available. This year, we created a web site for the report. It highlights nine headlines from 2012 and also includes a stirring piece from our president, Dr. Lee Hood, on "Inventing the Future." You can explore the site at:  

Why Does Lee Hood Travel So Much? He’s a Man on a Mission

Dr. Lee Hood believes that ISB scientists are missionaries who are spreading the power of systems biology. He is always on the road and today (June 24) he’s in Lyon, France, to attend the EISBM Symposium 2013 to give a talk on P4 medicine. Prior to arriving in Lyon, Lee was in Jerusalem to give a talk at the Israeli Presidential Conference, which drew world leaders such as Bill Clinton…

Luxembourg-ISB Partnership: ‘An Unqualified Success’

By Hsiao-Ching Chou LUXEMBOURG JOURNAL, June 12, 2013 – At the 17th-century Neumünster Abbey, the cultural heart of Luxembourg City, a small group of some of the world’s most cutting-edge scientists gathered on June 10-11, 2013, for a symposium to discuss the future of medicine and healthcare. The consensus was clear: Achieving the greatest advances requires “no-box” thinking, cross-disciplinary teamwork and, as ISB president, Dr. Lee Hood, likes to say,…

In the WSJ: Dr. Lee Hood Explains How Nonprofits Can Be Entrepreneurial

Our Dr. Lee Hood is a guest mentor for The Wall Street Journal's Accelerators blog. In this post, he shares how nonprofit organizations can borrow the entrepreneurial and audacious-goal-oriented spirit of startups to be successful – in addition to remaining true to their missions. An excerpt: …achieving your vision requires determined optimism, the will to never give up, a missionary passion for the concept (to convince the skeptics), a willingness…

BBC Radio: Dr. Lee Hood on P4 Medicine

Dr. Lee Hood gave the keynote speech at the Future in Review conference on May 21. During the conference, Hood was presented with “CEO of the Year” award. In this BBC Business Daily segment, host Ed Butler talks to Hood about his P4 vision. Listen Now

UW’s Four Peaks TV: Dr. Lee Hood Speaks About Innovation

Episode: Wellness and Science Pioneer From Four Peaks: May 24, 2013 Dr. Leroy Hood says we may not recognize our healthcare system a decade from now. Innovation will make it more predictive, personalized, preventative and participatory — his four Ps. And through Dr. Hood’s systems-based approach, we’ll be focused far more on “wellness” than on “care.” That’s just one reason why he was recognized by President Obama with one of…

Big Money, Big Science

America’s most productive biologist on philanthropy’s role in science Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D., is one of America’s most successful and distinguished scientist-inventors. Four devices he created proved instrumental in decoding the human genome. He pioneered the important new field of systems biology, which studies complex biological linkages and uses technology and mathematics to map and explain interrelationships. He has been awarded seven of the highest prizes in experimental science, and…

ISB Brain Research

  ISB held a panel discussion at Town Hall to discuss the complexity of the brain. It was a thought-provoking evening that attracted about 200 attendees. If you can’t see the embedded video, click on this link: Town Hall video Read Karlyn Beer’s column in Xconomy on why systems biology is necessary for tackling the complexity of the brain. RELATED: ISB’s International Symposium: Systems Biology and the Brain info

Dr. Lee Hood Talks P4 Medicine at Northeastern University Speaker Series

  Dr. Lee Hood was among the featured speakers at Northeastern University’s Local Leaders Global Impact series, which took place on March 22, 2013. Seattle Channel taped the session.