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In Memory of Bill Bowes, Jr.

“To change the way medicine is done. Cheaper and better. Simple as that.”

That was the reason William Ketcham “Bill” Bowes, Jr., cited when asked why he had supported ISB from the beginning and why he had served on ISB’s board of directors for more than a decade. Bill passed away on Dec. 28, 2016, at the age of 90. The ISB community was especially saddened by the news of his death, because Bill’s presence is so vitally woven into ISB’s fabric. In fact, Bill had met and championed Dr. Lee Hood, who then was at Caltech, 20 years before ISB’s founding. He believed in Lee’s “imaginative inventiveness” and invested in the automated protein sequencing device that Lee had developed. The ISB community is forever grateful for Bill’s vision and generosity. He will always be a part of our history.

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