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You can support ISB Education

We all have students and teachers in our lives that are navigating the daily challenges of learning amid a pandemic. ISB Education knows how crucial STEM education is — not just today, but every day. Our team quickly innovated forward into the virtual space by:

  • Creating virtual workshops to prepare 500+ teachers for new learning realities
  • Mentoring 50 high school and undergrad interns when other programs canceled
  • Reaching thousands of parents who visited our online resource page

Our communities, schools and students need us. And we need you.

Teacher Workshops

The coronavirus pandemic has had a drastic impact on K-12 education. In response, ISB Education has stepped up with a series of virtual workshops to provide much-needed support for student learning. Since March, more than 500 teachers and principals across Washington state have attended our “Systems Are Everywhere” workshops. The workshops were so successful that we will be hosting more in the coming months.


school districts in Washington state participated.


of participants left the workshop ready to implement their learning in their classrooms.


of participants said they wanted more, and would take a workshop with ISB Education again.

Student Internships

When we realized summer programs would need to be virtual, our team got right to work making it happen. 2020 ISB Summer Interns Kanwulia Onianwa and Sarah Logman and ISB Education Systems Medicine Program Director Becky Howsmon discuss the importance of this experience — especially during a pandemic.


We've been hearing good things from teachers, students and supporters!

"It was a wonderful intro to systems thinking. The scientist interactions made it 'real', my brain is full!"

-Teacher Workshop Participant

"Personally in my experience, I feel something that I learned how to do was learn. I learned how to think like a systems thinker."

-Sarah, Student Intern

"I have been a longtime supporter of ISB Education and this year, more than ever, they need our help."

- Heather Logan, ISB volunteer

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