Tami Leppert

Senior Software Engineer

Moritz Lab


Tami Leppert joined the proteomic research group at ISB in 2019. She is working on the PeptideAtlas project, cateloguing Arabidopsis thaliana peptides. Prior to working at ISB, she worked at Lawrence Livermore National Labs as a collaborator on hair identification for forensics uses. There she developed protein databases with variants for the use of matching genotypic data variants for individual identification. For most of her career, she worked at the University of Utah Human Genetics Department as an analyst and programmer developing software tools to analyze Three Generation UGRP-CEPH pedigrees as well as pedigrees with genetic disease phenotypes. She also helped in the development of algorithms for the genetic analysis LINKAGE package with Dr. Jean-Marc Lalouel and Dr. Mark Lathrop. She has designed and developed programs to analyze SNP data looking for shared regions, haplotypes and chromosomal breakpoints. She developed an extensive Oracle database containing genetic, familial and medical information about individuals in large extended pedigrees to expedite researchers in complex gene discovery. Her programs that draw complex and large pedigrees (>5,000 individuals) are still being used at the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City. For a large nationwide NIH collaborative study on hypertension genes, she was the software designer for and led a team of programmers to develop an automated genotyping collection system from digitized flourescent images. The system entailed image capture, manipulation, analysis, and database storage for a large volume of digitized images.

Experienced computer professional, genomic data, proteomic data, database design and implementation.

Bachelor of Science – Utah State University

Major: Computer Science with Engineering emphasis

Minor: Mathematics