Shizhen Qin, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Hood-Price Lab

Shizhen Qin

Dr. Qin has participated in a variety of genomic enterprises including the Human Genome Project. His genome-oriented projects include: mapping multimegabase portions of human chromosome 14 and 15; mapping the entire human chromosome 11 with a YAC library he constructed; mapping and sequencing the human and mouse MHC region; constructing a bear cDNA library for large-scale gene expression screen using a cDNA probe microarray developed based on the library; constructing a Xenopus tropicalis BAC library and participating in the X. tropicalis genome project. In 2009, Dr. Qin Switched his research interests to proteomics. He is currently interested in the application of proteomics technologies in predictive, preventative and diagnostic medicine. Specifically, he uses Selected Reaction Monitoring (SRM) technology combined with an organ-specific blood protein strategy to identify novel disease biomarkers. The approach is centered on the idea that the concentration of organ-specific proteins in the blood can be used to monitor the health status of a specific organ because changes in blood concentrations reflect the normal as opposed to disease-perturbed status of their cognate biological networks. Recently, Dr. Qin has finished two research projects in human and animal model systems and made very promising progress in finding better markers for chronic and acute liver diseases.


PhD, Cellular and Molecular Biology, State University of New York at Buffalo, RPCI, 1985