Richard Gelinas, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Hood-Price Lab

Richard Gelinas

Dr. Gelinas has worked on problems of gene structure and function for his entire career. At ISB he uses advanced RNA and protein profiling methods to identify biomarkers for diseases of the brain, heart, and lung. He also contributes to studies of the genetic basis of mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease and bipolar disorder and bone marrow disorders such as Fanconi Anemia. Prior to coming to the ISB, in the biopharmaceutical industry, Dr. Gelinas and his group used systems tools to identify a chemical signal for inflammation and disease persistence common to rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and some other chronic conditions. An antibody therapeutic against this target (IL-6) is now advancing through human trials. He is optimistic that systems approaches can continue to improve medical diagnosis and speed the development of new therapeutics.

PhD Biology. Harvard University, 1974

Gene Regulation

Cytokine Signaling

RNA Biochemistry

Stem Cell Biology Cell and Molecular Biology