Becky Johnson

Director of Facilities & Operations


Becky Johnson joined ISB in 2008 as the Operations Manager and has been in her current role as the Director of Operations and Facilities since 2012. She manages the facility, real estate transactions, administrative and laboratory operations, environmental health and safety, procurement, and the research core facilities. Prior to joining ISB, Becky’s career involved starting-up various biotechnology and life sciences organizations and establishing operations to support their missions and growth strategies. This work included serving as a founding member of the Allen Institute for Brain Science as Mr. Allen launched his inaugural project, the Allen Brain Atlas.

Becky began her career in life sciences working for Leroy Hood’s High Throughput Sequencing Center at the University of Washington as a lab technician. Through this experience she learned that her professional ambitions were best aligned with the administrative management of laboratories and launched her career in procurement and operations.

A native of Minnesota, Becky earned her degree in Biology and Classical Languages from Saint Olaf College. She has lived in Seattle for over 20 years and is the proud mother of two Great Danes and two equally authoritative cats.